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The Right Dental Marketing Strategies to Get More Patient Appointments

The right dental marketing strategies should attract more appointments. But the only way for your patients to notice your dental clinic is through your website. You need to focus on making it user-friendly and easy to navigate. Not to mention, you should be available 24/7. Patients want to be able to make an appointment even […]

Dental Marketing Strategies: How Sentiment Analysis Changes the Game

To put it bluntly, sentiment analysis is a process of social listening where a company (in this case, a dental practice) will identify and categorize the customers’ or patients’ attitudes to a service or product. In short, for dental marketing strategies, it is a way for a dentist to know how a patient perceives the […]

3 Reasons to Add Videos to Your Dental Marketing Strategies

A website doesn’t cut it anymore if you want to improve your dental marketing strategies. You need videos as well. Online videos will help improve your SEO ranking and thus, more patients will come and visit your website. This allows you to reach out to these patients and turn them into clients. Videos Add Emotions […]

The Dental Marketing Strategies That Work Best on New Practices

When you are starting in any industry, it is nerve-wracking. It is important to remember that this is normal. Everyone goes through these feelings. Even Bill Gates might have felt nerves when he was making his very first software. If geniuses can feel nerves when their ideas are being tested, then we ordinary mortals can […]

Dental Marketing Strategies: Build and Earn Backlinks for Your Website

When a web user searches for a particular topic or keyword, Google will crawl websites to find the keywords and related backlinks. Yes, backlinks are an important factor for Google’s algorithm, as well as your dental marketing strategies. The search engine ranks you high or low depending on the quality of your backlinks. This shows […]

Dental Marketing Strategies: Researching for Better Web Content

Every good marketer should aim for the trifecta—expertise, authority, and trustworthiness— of a great website. But all great marketers understand that to get to that point, a website must have the right web content. The same goes for dental marketing strategies on the internet. These dental websites need relevant content that speaks to the needs […]

Improving Patient Engagement Through Dental Marketing Strategies

You are already aware that building a community is better than maintaining loyal customers. When you have a community that is loyal to your brand, your business will more than likely succeed. That is the formula for successful dental marketing strategies. If you’re running a dental practice, you should make it a point to build […]

Dental Marketing Strategies to Prevent the High Cost of Dental Coverage

Aside from unfounded fears of pain, dental patients don’t often go to the dentist because they fear the thought of co-payments and insurance coverages. Many health insurance policies don’t cover oral health diseases. You need another insurance for dental coverages alone. This is where dental marketing strategies can play a big role. The right one […]

Dental Marketing Strategies: Creating a Strong and Well-designed Website

There is a 70% chance that new patients will have their first interaction with your dental clinic through your website. If you don’t already have a well-designed website, we suggest putting down your smartphone or laptop right now and finding a web designer who can create a strong and well-designed website for your dental clinic. […]

Local Dental Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Dental Business

So many things happen locally that local businesses should not have any trouble looking for opportunities for dental marketing strategies. Your dental practice can join festivals, business expos, health fairs, and other community events. These are all great opportunities to market your business and invite patients to consult with you about their oral health problems. […]