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When it comes time to grow your business and attract new patients, Big Smile has Dental Marketing Strategies that work!

When it comes to marketing your practice, there are many Dental Marketing strategies we use to grow your business and attract new patients. The first thing that happens when you choose Big Smile is, we work with you on a full marketing evaluation. We review your website and social media presence, we evaluate any current advertising you may be doing, and work on putting together a clear picture of the overall health of your businesses online image. Once we know where you are succeeding and falling short, we are able to put together our recommendations of Dental Marketing Strategies, and work with you on a timeline to implement them.

One of the Dental Marketing Strategies we use, and have great success with is Content Marketing. Our content creation team works with our marketing and SEO experts to determine the best keywords for your business and writes articles every week to post on your website. These articles are written and formatted to attract new patients, as well as Google and the other search engines. Content Marketing is currently one of the most effective Dental Marketing Strategies used by Big Smile to grow your business in Google search results.

While Big Smile primarily works with clients to improve their online exposure, there is often times that traditional advertising is required. If you are trying to reach homes in your immediate area, sometimes a well-designed and delivered direct mail campaign is what’s needed. Although, we have found that direct mail is not as effective as it once was. Our parent company, Business Marketing LLC, started out providing direct mail services for local businesses in Central Florida so our team has the knowledge and experience necessary.

Do you need help producing a commercial for your local radio station? Our content creation team will work with you to create a script that will grab the attention of listeners and our voice talent will bring it to life. Maybe you have an existing patient base that you can tap to increase revenue. We can work with you on an email campaign to reinforce your message to existing patients and grow revenue from within.

Big Smile has the knowledge, experience, and man power required to grow your business, attract new patients, and build your brand. If you know it’s time to take your Dental Marketing Strategies to the next level, give Big Smile a call at 1-800-559-3306, or use the form below and one of our Marketing professionals will be in touch. 

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Proven Solutions

Dental Website Development

Your website is the hub of all marketing activity. Big Smile builds sites that turn visitors into new patients.

Dental Content Marketing

Let Big Smile show you why Content Marketing should be a part of your online marketing mix.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Do you need to reach new patients, and fast? A well planned and executed PPC Campaign can get your message out to your target audience quick.

Dental Search Engine Optimization

Big Smile knows SEO. We work exclusively with Dentists across the nation to increase their reach online and attract new patients.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is one of the best ways to build a sense of community with potential patients. Big Smile has the tools and knowledge to set you apart from your competitors.

Dental Email Marketing

Looking for a way to increase revenue from your existing patient base? Email Marketing can lead to more visits and increase your recurring revenue.


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