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The right dental marketing strategies should attract more appointments. But the only way for your patients to notice your dental clinic is through your website. You need to focus on making it user-friendly and easy to navigate. Not to mention, you should be available 24/7. Patients want to be able to make an appointment even if they’re in the middle of the night and suddenly decided they want to go to the dentist the next day.

Simple, right? Fortunately, there are cheap and easy ways that can attract more appointments. Here are tried-and-tested ways to get patients to notice your dental practice:


People can’t be patients suddenly if they don’t know your website exists. How can they know about your websites? They need to find you on the internet. How can they find you on the internet? Will they search for you? Will they accidentally stumble upon your website? Not likely. What’s possible is that they will search for a keyword related to your practice. And because you are making use of SEO in the smartest way possible, your dental website will rank high on the search engine results.

Being on the first five of the search results list is enough to get people to notice your practice. Remember that 75% of searchers don’t go past the first page of the search results. Your goal is to be on that first page. A loftier goal is to be on the top spot of the search results.

Make Your Site Mobile-friendly

More than 70% of searches will happen on mobile phones. This means that if your website is somehow not responsive, your dental practice will suffer the consequences. There’ll be no new patients or inquiries or appointments. People don’t like it when the website they are visiting cannot adjust to the screen size of their mobile devices. That makes it hard for them to browse through the website. Building responsive websites means the site looks great on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Make Your Phone Number Clickable

So much web traffic for your dental marketing strategies is driven through mobile phones. When a potential patient searches for a dental clinic near him, what he wants is to be able to contact that clinic easily. How can he do that if he would need to type your phone number on his phone? Most people don’t want to do that. It’s inconvenient. It’s a waste of time. Why not make the number clickable? Why can’t a potential patient call you directly from your online ad or your Google My Business page? Your web developer can easily do this, so make sure it’s done before you publish your clinic’s phone number.