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What Do Chatbots Have to Do With Dental Marketing?

Dental patients love chatbots so saying that your dental marketing strategy will do better with a chatbot is an understatement. Simply put, dental patients feel better knowing that there’s someone who is always present to answer their queries about your schedule, services, fees, and many others. It’s also a fun way to interact with your […]

How to Attract Patients Through Your Dental Websites

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing people to see things differently. It also forced businesses to approach their processes quite differently. Whether it’s marketing, advertising, or web design, the world simply is never the same because of the pandemic. Dental patients are browsing through different dental websites to find the dentist and service they are looking […]

Do Influencers Have a Role in Dental Marketing?

What are Instagram influencers? What can they do for your business? Are they going to work in a dental practice? Is this the kind of dental marketing strategy that will save your practice from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic? In recent years, influencers took social media by storm. You know who they are and […]