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What are Instagram influencers? What can they do for your business? Are they going to work in a dental practice? Is this the kind of dental marketing strategy that will save your practice from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic? In recent years, influencers took social media by storm. You know who they are and what they do. They influence you to buy a product, share a post, follow a page, and patronize a brand.

They come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them have 5,000 followers. Some come with a million followers. The idea behind influencer marketing is that the more followers a person has, the more influential he is. If he has 10,000 followers, that means that when he talks about a particular brand in his post, most of those 10,000 followers will follow suit. Of course, this is not absolute, but you still want to be that brand they talk about on their feed.

It works. You know it! You’ve actually been sharing some influencers’ posts for some years now. You keep on following them, liking their posts, sharing them, and even commenting. You even have some favorite influencers. It’s the same power they can bring to one’s dental practice. They can completely revolutionize a dental marketing strategy by simply being them.

If you’re a virtual unknown in the industry, getting an influencer to post about your brand will get you places. As soon as this influencer posts about your dental clinic, the followers will flock to your page. They’d want to know what you do and who you are. Why are their favorite social media influencers posting about you? Can they visit your dental clinic, too? What procedures did their idols need? One post is enough to create a buzz about your dental practice. One post is enough to make these influencers’ followers want to check you out, too.

Be Careful, Though

It’s worth noting, however, that this is not a one-size-fits-all strategy. Influencer marketing does work even to improve a dental marketing campaign. However, if you hire the wrong influencer, you may find your business in trouble. Make sure that the influencer you choose to work with represents your dental practice with dignity and professionalism. Be careful with the influencers you want to partner with as the wrong move here can have an adverse impact on your dental practice.

Influencers are essential for every business. You can gain new patients and boost recognition for your brand. Working with them is definitely worth considering.