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There are a lot of misconceptions about dental marketing as a whole. One of the biggest misconceptions is the idea that a free dental marketing campaign is just as effective as a free one. While it is very possible to carry out an effective marketing campaign with free tools, it is recommended that you use paid forms of marketing as well. In fact, even if you work with a professional dental marketing company to handle your marketing for you, they will also recommend paid forms of marketing, and not because it means you pay them more.

Paid marketing gives you much more tangible and faster results that free forms of marketing. To understand this better, read on to find out why your dental marketing company would recommend PPC and other paid ads for your own dental marketing.

It gives immediate results

One of the strongest benefits that a good PPC ad campaign can give you is the fact that it provides immediate results for those who use it. PPC and SEO are very similar in how these are used, but the main difference is that PPC ads can show you immediate results. This is a good method to use if you need results fast, or if you want a strong start to your current marketing campaign.

PPC draws in quality traffic

Another benefit to PPC ads is the fact that they draw in quality traffic. As mentioned before, PPC functions very similarly to SEO because for users to find your website, they have to look for the keywords that you’re trying to rank for.

This means that your users are already using your keywords to find your content and services, so if they encounter your PPC ad, then they are definitely interested in what you offer, as opposed to a random user stumbling on to your ad by chance and clicking it, leading to you having to pay for a click that did not result in anything.

It can do a lot for traffic and conversions

SEO and PPC alike are known to do wonders for your conversions and your website traffic. This is because these methods work on the fact that users are already looking for your services and simply give your site the boost to be seen better by online users.

It’s a good complement to your SEO without the same risks

Because of how similar your PPC is to SEO, a dental marketing company will usually recommend that you combine your PPC and your SEO efforts. While you lay down the foundation of your SEO, you can run a PPC ad campaign to get a good boost on your online visibility. Your PPC helps make sure that your website gets to a good search engine ranking, while your SEO helps guarantee that it stays there.