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As a dentist, it’s understandable that you already bear a huge load of responsibilities. You provide solutions for all of your patients, which among others would include performing procedures they will have to go through, as well as prescribing medications that will help improve their dental health. You also make sure that your schedule is constantly being updated and ready for your next patients. And now you have an additional load to bear, which is marketing. Now with the help of your dental marketing company, you now have a website that features your dental practice and can possibly help you rake in potential patients.

However, just because you now have a website does not immediately mean you’ve utilized everything. By this, you must confirm you’ve included everything relevant to your website to ensure your success. At this point you must ask yourself these questions: Do you also post blogs on your website? Is it connected to social media? Have you included reviews? Have you tried sending emails to your patients?

With a lot of technological updates being constantly made, you might think that using email these days would be irrelevant to marketing when in reality, it can actually really help you out. So how will email marketing help you reach out to more patients? If you want to find out, read more below and find out why your dental marketing company recommends it:

It’s just you and me

There’s always a possibility that a patient wants your professional advice on something they might have trouble figuring out by themselves. It could be about their dental hygiene, or a procedure they’re currently interested in but don’t have enough information to proceed. Either way, it could be something that they might be insecure about, which can make them think twice about whether they should disclose it in person or not. With email, you can address their concerns and provide information more privately without them feeling pressured in any way.

It’s more unique

Using email, you can address specific patients with their specific needs. If you have been wanting the idea of having more patients go under certain treatments, you can use email to talk to your patients who may have previously expressed their interest in it. Do you have a patient you know is interested in purchasing dental hygiene products, but they’re still having doubts about it? You can email them about it! Since you’re using email, you’re given the opportunity to reach out to the patients who are interested, and not disturb the other patients who may not feel the same way.

Compare and contrast

Thanks to email marketing you can evaluate which types of email would work to your advantage. Through email marketing, you can compare which subject lines your patients are more interested in. And you can also see which content is more frequently read by them. Email marketing can help you figure out how to attract more patients into your dental practice.