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Dental SEO is a digital marketing plan that when implemented, can attract new patients to your dental clinic. This strategy will be based on a data-driven marketing plan that will increase the reach and visibility of your dental practice.

Some of the key strategies of this dental marketing plan are on-page technical optimization, indexing your practice on local citation site listings, infusing keywords that are important to the community you serve into the website’s content, publishing locally targeted content, and continuous KPI monitoring.

Improve your rankings with search engines

More than 75% of internet users will only view the first page of a search engine result. This is why it is important that your dental practice appears on the first page or the top of the first page of the results.

Around 60% of all the clicks go to the first three page results. This means that there will be more people who will know and read about your dental practice.

This alone increases your chance of attracting new customers. The higher your website appears on the search engine results, the better your opportunities are of getting more customers.

Improve traffic and conversion

When your page ranks higher on Google’s search results, people will automatically be drawn to your website. The more they click on your link, the higher your traffic rate is going to be.

This will drive up your visibility on Google more since Google’s algorithm loves websites with high traffic congestion. This means that internet users are tagging these websites as valuable, informative, and relevant.

And when more people visit your website, the higher your chances to convert will be. By simply putting a contact number on the page which people can use to reach out to your clinic, you can begin a client-dentist relationship.

Improve user experience and engagement with an optimized website

Google main uses SEO to determine if it will rank your site high. Of course, there are 200 different variables Google uses, but SEO is the main focus of the algorithm.

Search engines such as Google look for high quality and relevant content, site speed, mobile functionality and optimization, ease of user navigation, and many other dental SEO factors. The data coming from your SEO usage will allow you to build and develop a website that addresses the needs of your customers.

Through the clicks and the visits and the engagement through dental SEO, you can get a straightforward picture of what your website needs to do to attract more visitors.