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Many dental practices still make the mistake of not adding video content on their dental websites. Since marketing dental clinics isn’t as fun, glamorous, and exciting as promoting restaurants, bars, retail shops, and more, dentists think that videos are beyond them and that they will do nothing for a dental practice.

But they are wrong. No matter what kind of business or profession you are running, videos will make a whole world of difference in terms of attracting web traffic and piquing the interest of its target audience. People are generally visual beings, which means we rely heavily on what we see when we try to find a service or a product to support. That’s why YouTube has nearly 1.3 billion views every month or why it is the second-largest search engine, next only to Google, which owns YouTube.

People spend more time watching videos in a day than they do reading a blog post or a book or a magazine article. If they can find an equivalent of that blog post on YouTube, they would prefer watching a five-minute explainer video than read a 500-word article. That’s just how people prefer their information—in video format.

Videos Build Trust

The number one reason why your dental websites have to include videos as part of their arsenal is the ability of videos to build trust and confidence almost instantaneously. Many people feel anxious when they need to visit the dentist. Videos allow the trust to be built between the dentist and the client.

You can create a video of how your office operates to make patients more comfortable visiting your clinic and talking to you and your staff about their concerns. If they feel good after watching the video, they’ll most probably book that appointment right away.

Videos Increase Traffic and Conversions

Huge internet traffic comes from video content. Roughly around 85% of web traffic is caused by videos with conversions increasing by 80% if the videos are incorporated into the homepage.

By simply adding a video on your homepage, you have an 80% chance of attracting steady conversions? Why won’t you do it? Also, the presence of videos on your website increases the likelihood of your URL landing on Google’s top-page results.

What kind of videos should you make? Education videos on dental treatments and procedures, introductions of the dentist and the staff, tutorials on oral hygiene, and teeth-cleaning instructional videos.