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We are so used to researching keywords and phrases when we talk about dental SEO. What we fail to remember is that SEO is more than just using the proper words on blog content. Search engine optimization encompasses a lot of tools and elements that will make Google think your website is worthy of a first-page search result.

Videos are a better method of boosting a dental website’s SEO. The presence of videos alone on your website will make Google think your website has relevant and important content. It will rank your webpage high because of the effort it takes you to produce and post a video. The posting of videos shows the legitimacy and the authority of your website. It brings the website to a whole new level as opposed to what written blog content can do.

A few years back, Google made a revolutionary change in its algorithm. It prioritized video content over the others on its search results. That’s why when you searched for a certain topic on Google, the first set of results that you will see are video results. Google places such a high relevance on video content, mainly because web users love them.

Why is that? People are naturally visual people. We are more attentive to what we watch rather than what we read. Given the option of watching a video and reading a blog, we will likely choose the former. Isn’t it easier to understand certain concepts when we watch someone or something explain it? There’s no need to use our imaginations to understand why we need a product or a service. If the video is smartly done, it will do its job of explaining the concept and selling dental products and services.

The benefit of using videos for dental SEO does not, however, overpower the importance of proper keywords and phrases. When videos are uploaded on websites and social media platforms, we can choose to use a relevant keyword that will make it visible to search engines. This is an integral part of using SEO to market a business because no matter how good your video is, if it’s backend isn’t optimized for search engines, it wouldn’t be of use to the dental practice.

So, go ahead and create a video for your dental practice. It can be as simple as explaining what a root canal is and why it is essential to stop dental health problems. It can even be in the form of FAQs (frequently asked questions) where you will answer the questions posted by your patients. Whatever it is, make sure to use the proper keywords at the backend.