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If you aren’t using long-tail keywords for your dental SEO, you’re missing out on a lot. For those of you who do not know, long-tail keywords are phrases that are more than three words and are specific to the product that you are selling. Using long-tail keywords is more beneficial for websites because they have less competition and they are likely to target your market.

For example, a potential patient yes looking for a dentist near him that can do an emergency root canal. If the patient is living in Orlando, Florida, for example, that patient can use a very specific keyword face on Google. He can search for “Orlando Florida emergency root canal” or “emergency root canal in Orlando” or “root canal services right now Orlando.” Aren’t these very specific keywords?

The main benefit of a long-tail keyword is that the patient or the customer is already in the purchase part of his journey. You do not have to convince the patient to have a root canal. He already knows he needs one and is just looking for someone to provide the service. He needs to find your website to know that he can go to your office for an emergency root canal procedure.

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing and you need to keep up with the trends. These changes are designed to keep websites on their toes. You cannot survive the tough competition on Google if you are not constantly innovating.

Less Competition

Are you aware that 70% of Internet users will use long-tail keywords in their queries? This is a figure that should not be ignored and instead, should serve as an inspiration for marketers and content creators. Marketers should aim to reach the 70% that are using long-tail keywords. This only proves the fact that there is less competition when using keywords that contain three words or more.

It is harder to rank on Google’s search result if you are using short keywords. The volume is higher compared to long-tail keywords, which means that more websites are using the keywords and Google may be saturated with them already.

Improved Conversion Rate

Because people can find your website faster and easier, they are more likely to book an appointment with your office. This means that one customer who found your website through a long-tail keyword search has been turned into a potentially loyal patient.

You don’t even have to spend a lot advertising these long-tail keywords. You can just use them in blog posts as dental SEO and wait for Google to find you when someone used the long-tail keywords in their search queries.