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If your dental patient marketing isn’t worrying you, that is a cause for concern. You cannot be lackluster in aggressively seeking new strategies that will bring customers or patients to your business. As someone who’s competing in the dental industry, you need to be aware of the many nuances of your market, to keep up with the changes in their needs and demands, and to address challenges as soon as possible.

But when and how will you know that your dental marketing needs immediate attention?

When the Number of New Patients is Dwindling

If you’re used to having 20 new patients in a week, you would notice if that number suddenly drops, right? That is a tell-tale sign of a dental patient marketing strategy that needs tweaking. If you find that there’s a dwindling number of new patients visiting your clinic, this means that your marketing strategies are failing in their goals, which is to attract new patients every week. According to experts, a clinic needs about 20 and more new patients each month to survive.

When Your Old Customers are Seeking New Doctors

Have you noticed that even your old and loyal customers are no longer coming to your clinic for their regular checkups? Are they seeking new treatments in new clinics? Then, that means you are not doing your job as a marketer. It is important that you reach out and keep a relationship with your past customers. Otherwise, it seems that you’re just pushing them away.

When the Inquiries Have Stopped Coming in

If you are used to inquiries coming into your email, website, and social media accounts, you would notice if there is a sudden drop, right? When this happens, it should be a cause for concern. No inquiries mean that your website or practice isn’t also gaining traction and not attracting any new or old clients. Your promos? They are being ignored. It’s time to take action.

When Your Website isn’t Generating Web Traffic

Look at the numbers, that’s the surest way to see if your practice is appealing to your target market. If you see that your website isn’t generating as much traffic as it should, then it’s time to take a long hard look at your dental patient marketing strategies. Your website should not be compromised. It should always be on top of the search engine results page. Once it is not, you will have your work cut out for you.