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Your dental websites are the first thing that patients will notice about your practice. The website is going to create the first impression of your profession. If they had a bad first impression of your website, the patients are less likely to visit your physical clinic. That reduces the chances of you persuading them to book a consultation.

An outdated website may also make the customers feel that your dental office doesn’t have modern equipment. It might make them think you are not innovating or investing in new dental equipment. That directly affects the profit-making capabilities of your dental websites.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should regularly overhaul your website. Time and budget constraints will stop you from doing so. Redesigning a website takes time. It takes at least two weeks to overhaul a web design. Dentists can’t invest this much time and money on their web presence.

Video Content

Are you aware that not many dental websites are using video content in their marketing efforts? As much as videos now proliferate the world wide web, dentists have been slow in transitioning to this web element. But videos have the power to improve your rankings on search engines such as Google and Bing. Without videos on your website, you are losing opportunities to impress web users and potential customers.

This 2020, it’s time to invest money and effort into creating dental-focused video content. If you want your websites to reach your target patients, you need to create things that will lead them to the site.

Mobile-first Approach

How does your website look on a smartphone or an iPad? By now, you should already have a responsive design for the website. More than 80% of your target market will use their phones to check your website. These patients want a way to contact you without necessarily entering your telephone number into their phones. If your website does not have a responsive design, it’s less likely your patients can call you straight from the website. They might not find your contact information that easily, too.


Security remains to be the number one contention for people who are technologically challenged. They think that the “internet gods” will be able to look into their activities on the web and hack into their systems. While these are happening more frequently now, there are ways to protect your personal information from criminals. Making your dental websites secure should be your number one priority.