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You need more marketing maneuvering than you can imagine next year. This year was a strange one. Full of trepidations and fears, 2020 was an extraordinary time in our lives, businesses, and practices. Thankfully, your dental websites did make a wave in keeping your practice afloat. How will it help your dental practice in the coming years? The success and ability of your practice to thrive will largely depend on the features that your website can offer.


Your conversion rate should be at 3%. If it’s below that, you’re doing something wrong. Yes, even if you are getting more than 3,000 clicks per month. How can you get your conversion rate to that level? It’s by making sure you have the right call-to-action buttons and by making your website easy to navigate. It is the best way for you to increase the chances of your patients wanting to set an appointment with you.


Regularly monitoring your search engine optimization (SEO) will also keep your business afloat. When people search for a dentist in your area, yours should be the first one they see on the search engine results page. You don’t only need to optimize your site for Google, but you also have to make sure that you are using local keywords. Geo-targeting, or the use of places in your keywords, will help reach out to your local market.


Are you keeping in touch with your customers? The idea of retargeting is like this: you visited a website and clicked on some things there. Cookies are placed on your browser when you do this. That means that when you visit sites like Facebook that allow targeted ads, you will see the same things that you already browsed on the other website. Retargeting has been around for a long time but it is only in the last couple of years that marketers realized its potentials.

Customer Service

What kind of customer services are you offering on your website? At the very least, you should offer patient reminders. An automated text or email shall remind your patients of their upcoming appointments. You should also have reviews and testimonials on your website to give your new patients more information about how other patients think of your services.

If you want to take your practice to the next level—and that means surviving the next couple of months as the global economy dives into recession—you need to harness the power of your dental websites.