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Almost 80% of dental patients admit to checking out testimonials and reviews before going to a dentist. That’s the first thing they do. They go to dental websites and read the reviews and testimonials there from past patients. They either go to your own website or to websites with online reviews about medical professionals. There, they can read about real stories from real people based on real experiences.

People trust reviews and testimonials more than they let on. It’s the same thing with how you choose a new phone, for example. You want to know the features of the phone, so you read and watch reviews and whatever information you can find on the internet. It’s the same when you’re buying a car. You try to get as much information as you can so your decisions will be guided properly.

Before, people get “reviews” about dentists from word-of-mouth recommendations. This information is passed on from person to person until these people are thoroughly convinced to check out your products and services. It’s the same thing with other brands. Today, they get this kind of information from online reviews. That’s why online reviews and testimonials are more important than ever.

If your dental websites do not prominently display the testimonials you receive from past clients, you are missing out on a chance to attract new patients to your dental practice. Before even thinking about going to a dentist, people will want to see what others say about you. They will check out more than what’s written on your website. They’re going to go to review sites as well where they can find more diverse reviews about your profession.

If you have some unposted testimonials, make it a point to make a separate page for them on your dental websites. The others should be prominently displayed on the homepage where web visitors are more likely to see them. It’s also important to respond to these testimonials on platforms that will allow you to.

For example, if your patients are leaving testimonials about you on social media, respond to them. Thank them when they say positive things about you and apologize when there are complaints. Promise also to work through these complaints with them.

If your patients will allow it, you can also ask to include their photos on the testimonials. Better, they can provide a video testimonial instead because these look more credible in your future patients’ eyes.