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Here’s a simple truth: if you want to generate web traffic and convert that traffic into actual patients who will book an appointment with you, post a video on your dental websites. That will create a buzz and that buzz will result in a couple of appointments. The fact of the matter is that people are visual beings. They watch more than they read. They understand a concept better when it is in video form rather than in text form.

This is a simple truth that one should never forget when considering what to post on social media. Dentists need to post videos that will inform and educate the public. But more than just inform and educate, the public also needs this content to be relevant to what they are trying to find.


Post tips about how to properly brush one’s teeth. Yes, apparently that is not common knowledge. Post a different one for people who have different teeth problems—those with braces, those with false teeth, children who don’t like to brush their teeth, and adults who spend less than a minute brushing and flossing.


There are many misconceptions about dental procedures. The most popular is that all dental procedures are painful and that you should avoid them as much as possible. Although there is always a level of discomfort because of these procedures, it is always important to reiterate to your patients that not undergoing these procedures will be detrimental to their dental health. It is very important for dental websites to have videos that talked about the importance of these dental procedures. You can also use the video to alleviate their fears about them.

Safety Precautions

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is now more important than ever to show patients the safety precautions you have in place in your clinic. This will make them feel safer when they have to go to your clinic for checkups, consultations, and procedures. Walk them around your clinic and show them the steps you have taken to ensure that not only are they safe, but your employees, too.

About Me

Your patients want to know you, their dentist. If you have a lot of dentists on your roster, ask them to make an introductory video about themselves. They can share a short snippet of their experiences as a dentist. For example, they can share why they wanted to be a dentist and how they pursued it.

These are the kinds of video content that your target market wants to see posted on your dental websites.