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The kind of content you put on your dental websites can make or break your dental practice. You think that isn’t true? Try to put some controversial pieces on your website about the dental industry and there are bound to be some comments (either positive or negative).

You may even go viral and customers may either flock to your clinic or avoid it altogether. There’s a strong connection between what you put on your website and what kind of reaction you can expect from your target market.

The cardinal rule of content creation is this: post only original content. Even if you are permitted by the original content creator to post what he wrote or made, it still wouldn’t make a dent on your SEO chances. Google hates nothing more than duplicated content and your potential customers will also be unimpressed by you posting a content you didn’t make yourself.


Does your website have a blog? Or have you built your blog separately? It is better if your website and blog are on one domain. It is easier for your audience to connect these two together and to visit them at the same time. It allows you to easily manage both of these platforms, too. On your blog, make sure to be as informative as possible and provide content that will engage potential clients and build their trust in your dental practice.


You should not only be posting text on your website. There should also be videos—instructional videos, testimonial videos, and many more. These kinds of content are designed to reach out to that portion of your market that is more inclined to watch videos rather than read articles. You should always think of ways to reach every sector of the market, according to how they want to consume pieces of information.


FAQs will answer the most frequently and pertinent questions asked by your customers. List down the questions from the comments section and take note of your answers. You can make a separate post and update that post regularly with the questions that might come from your new or returning clients. An FAQ will allow clients to access the answers to their questions without needing to reach out to you and wait for your answer.


Is there any new technology that can be used for painless teeth extraction and root canal? What’s the latest about the dental industry? Believe it or not, customers love to know about these kinds of things because it helps them decide what courses of actions to take in regards to their dental issues.