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Over time, you have to update the content on your dental websites. Partly, it is for Google. Partly, it is for your patients. You want them to have access to the most updated information. By updating the content of your website, you are giving them that. Isn’t that the purpose of your website? It should provide relevant information that will help your patients.

Outdated Data

Did you write about statistics before? Changes are that these statistics are outdated. Whatever the results of the studies and surveys were have surely changed in the past years. These are the first kinds of content that you should update. You don’t want patients landing on these blog posts and failing to realize that these are outdated data already. They might have the wrong idea about the facts you presented there.

Old But Relevant Information

Sure, some posts are too old to be found on search engines. But if these posts are relevant to your patients, shouldn’t they be able to access these kinds of content? If there needs to be an update, then change that information and data. But if the post is good as it is, then you can simply re-publish the blog post, so that it will be current again. Just remember to update the metadata of the content, so that Google and other search engines can easily index them.

Fresh Tips

Over the years, surely, you have gained more knowledge about your practice. Read the posts you made in the past. Are they still the same things you believe in right now? Are they still relevant to your practice? You can change these things. You can give your patients fresh tips. You’re more of an expert now than a year or 10 years ago. It’s worth it to rewrite some of these older blog posts so that you can give fresh information to your readers on the same topics.

Industry News

News that was current a year ago are surely aren’t as informative as they once were. Update old industry news. You can then share with your web visitors how these changes have affected your dental practice. Many of these have had a huge impact on the way you go about dental procedures in your clinic.

Remember that your dental websites aim to provide information that will help patients make an informed decision about your practice. The end goal is to make them set an appointment with you.