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Many dental practices make the assumption that as long as they continue to go on as they always have, then they will always have a steady stream of patients at their practices. However, these practices disregard the importance of dental websites and online dental marketing practices to promote their practices, which results in a decrease in new patients.

Keep in mind that one of the very first things that a potential patient will look at when they consider a dental practice is their dental website. There are a few specific things that they look for to help the make up their minds on whether or not your practice is the right fit for their needs. Read on to learn more about the features that patients look for in dental websites.

Dental services

One of the very first things that a potential looks for in a dental site is the range of dental services that will be offered by a dental practice. A potential patient goes looking for a dental practice for a specific service in mind, whether it’s a simple dental cleaning, or something as complicated as a root canal.

Make sure that you include the dental services that you offer in order for them to determine if your dental practice can help them meet their dental health needs.

Reviews and testimonials

Visiting a dentist can be a nerve-wracking experience for anybody, which is why they want to make sure that they end up with a dentist that they can rely on. One way to show them that you are the dentist for them is by showcasing your practice’s reviews and testimonials on your page.

These are left by current and past patients and are a good way of showing potential patients the quality of your work, which can put their minds at ease about trusting you with their dental health needs.

Payment options

Some patients are more comfortable with certain payment options than others, which is why you need to specify what payment options your dental practice is accepting on your dental websites. This is a seemingly small, yet significant factor in a potential patient’s decision-making process that helps them decide on whether or not your practice is the right fit for them.

Discounts and promos

It is not uncommon for practices to offer group deals and other forms of promotions for new patients and referrals. You may never know, but this can be the deciding factor in whether or not your practice is the one that they choose for their dental health.