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People are self-quarantining. They are locked down inside their houses. And unless they have a good reason to go out, they are not supposed to. If they do have dental problems, that’s the only time they will contact you for an emergency procedure. But as much as they can, most of your patients are not going to be able to visit you unless the SARS-CoV-2 virus stops spreading. If you are ill-prepared for this type of pandemic, your dental practice will take a huge hit. Fortunately, you can still use your dental websites to reach out to your patients.

Update Them About Basic Information

Since you are technically in the medical field, you are also considered a frontliner. First, inform your patients that your dental clinic is going to close down in the meantime. If there are dental emergencies, show them through the dental websites how they can contact you. On your homepage, make sure there is updated information about the virus and how it spread quickly during dental procedures. That will explain to your patients why you cannot operate at this time.

Continue Providing Dental and Oral Health Tips

This is a time for your dental websites to be front and center in providing information to your patients about oral and dental health. Since you are not busy with your dental practice, spend this time writing blogs about different dental issues. You can share many tips with your patients; tips you haven’t written about in the past.

Start a Video Blog or Livestream

You should try video blogging, too. People are more inclined to watch videos than read text blogs. If you want to reach more of your patients, you should consider doing a video blog explaining the same tips you’ve written on the blog. You can also do a livestream session where you will answer different questions relating to dental and oral health. The questions should be generic and should not reveal the medical history of a patient.

Get a Brand New Web Design

You had plans of redesigning your dental websites in the past. Now is the perfect time to do that. You should update your dental website so that it conforms to the times. It should look sleek and modern. You may be losing patients because your website is not on par with your competitors’ sites. Use this time wisely to decide on a new design, layout, colors, and even logo for the website.