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Three things might happen to your dental practice that will push you to seek a dental marketing company. One, your practice is stagnant or shrinking. Two, you want to dominate the market (and you’re nearly there, too). And three, you just bought or started a new dental practice. These three things will make you realize how important the right marketing campaigns are. But first, you need to identify where you are in these stages.

Stagnant or Shrinking

For the past couple of years, you noticed how your clientele isn’t growing. These are still the same old patients who visit your dental practice from five years go. You aren’t generating new patients. In fact, you’re watching as a competitor across the street get more new patients than you (even if you have been in the area longer).

There are two main reasons for this. The first one is that your competition is increasing. There are more dental practices in your area now than a few years go. Second, bigger dental practices are moving in. If this is the case for you, then the marketing agency needs to create a campaign that will make your practice more competitive.

Dominate the Market

As a dental practice, you are in good standing. Clients are finding you. Patients are returning to you. But, for the past few years no matter what you do, you’re always a step behind another dental practice. What’s the reason for this? You want to breach the $1-million mark in revenue, but you can’t seem to push your practice to that point.

It shows that your current marketing strategy isn’t working. You may have to add more dental associates or increase your presence in the digital and traditional markets. You also have to review your current marketing campaigns. These might not be working for you anymore.

New Dental Practice

Have you just taken over a new dental practice? Or, have you started your own practice? Both scenarios demand that you hire a dental marketing agency because of a variety of reasons: you don’t know where to start, you are unsure who to trust, you don’t want to waste money and time, and you want to start strong.

When looking for a dental marketing company for the first time, make sure that it understands what you want to achieve for your dental practice. Communication is the key to any successful collaboration between a client and a marketing company.