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In order to make sure that you’re doing all that you can to make your dental practice grow, have you tried doing all types of dental marketing strategies out there? Sure, traditional marketing can be great. You can advertise your dental practice through brochures and fliers. Having all the masses hear unique jingles of your business being sung can really help ingrain your business into everyone’s heads. It can really raise the popularity of your dental practice.

On the other hand, you can also do digital marketing where everything is done online. You can put up your dental website and choose how your web design will look. Once you do, you add in the relevant contact information so people can reach out to you by the phone or by visiting your dental practice. You can also address people’s concerns and curiosities through writing informative blog posts, and they can choose to share these to other people and in that way, help promote your dental practice. Digital dental marketing can also help you gain more patients.

However, there is another way that you can advertise your dental practice to the masses in a rather unique fashion. And that is through local events! You see, with local events the community leaders would be asking for assistance from businesses to help them sponsor said events meant for the local people. So through these local events, you’re now given the opportunity to spread the word around about your business to those people who may not have heard from you.

So how can you use these events to help your dental practice grow and boost your dental marketing? If you want to find out, read more below:

With a good old fashioned business card

In these unique events, you can still go classic with your strategy. You can go traditional and promote your dental practice by giving out business cards. After all, these cards have everything a potential patient would need to contact you. So just make sure that you’ve put the right address and the updated phone number, chat and mingle around with the local people, and give them your business cards. Good luck!

With T-shirt or Jerseys

Some of these events may be centered around sports, so another way you can promote your dental practice is by putting your logo on t-shirts that you’ve sponsored for the people involved. Not only have you sponsored everyone’s shirts, but they also get everyone’s attention as they get involved and participate in said events. That means more people can see your practice’s logo. Win-win!

With freebies

While they can be quite cheeky, but you’ll never know how much impact you’ll give with these. You can also give out freebies to local people as the events are happening. In this case, you can promote your practice by giving out toothbrushes or toothpaste with your dental practice’s logos on each. Surely, they will be appreciative of the gift that they’ve received. Hopefully, it also wins them over and they’ll pay your dental practice a visit!