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Think of your dental clinic as a small business enterprise and you’ll find that it’s easier to create dental marketing strategies. Why is that? Many dentists see their practices as part of the community. Going to a certain dentist is part of the culture and tradition of a community, which is why older dentists tend to have more customers than new ones. People go to dentists depending on their comfortability and aren’t we comforted by dentists who we grew up seeing with our parents and other family members?

But if this is your way of thinking, you’re isolating a large portion of your target market; people who are trying to forge their own traditions by choosing their own dentists. These are your target audience and you should try to follow dental marketing methods that will reach this sector of your community.

Install a dedicated bot on your Messenger

You know all about bots but do you also know that they can be installed on your Facebook Messenger so that you can be online 24/7. Many people find their teeth hurting in the middle of the night but when they go on Facebook to search and inquire about dental practices in the area, all are not available to answer any questions until the next morning.

But it’s midnight and your gums are hurting and will probably keep you wide awake. You need answers now. A bot can give information about your dental practice. It can tell a potential patient what time you will be in your clinic and whether his situation is tantamount to a dental emergency.

Allow clients to book an appointment online

If you still employ the old telephone booking system, it’s time to change gears. You can install a booking system on your website or even on your social media pages, allowing potential clients to click a few buttons and reserve a slot in your already fully booked appointment list.

This is easier for most patients who are always on mobile, checking their social media feeds. If they feel like they want to book an appointment with you, they shouldn’t have to call you. They should be able to go to your page and set a schedule.

Create video material to explain your dental services

There are many questions about a dental practice. Showing your potential clients how a process works will either scare them or relieve them. Either way, the relevant information is always welcome to those who are seeing accurate details about what they may be going through in the next couple days. Creating videos is good for dental marketing as it improves the visibility of your online presence.