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Your website acts as the digital storefront of your dental practice. This means that people are more likely to land first on your website than to know about your brick-and-mortar dental clinic. This is why a well-designed website is important for dental practice marketing. If the web design is lacking, people will probably decide they want to do business elsewhere. Instead of attracting clients through your website, you are going to be pushing them away.

Simple design is timeless

Every year, there are new trends and technologies in web design that we must follow. The biggest problem in modern web design is it tends to get outdated pretty quickly. Updating websites are not only costly, but it is also time-consuming as well.

So if you have to update your website every time there’s a new trend, that will take a lot of time, which is time that you should spend focusing on other aspects of the business. A simple design will stand the test of time.

Simple design focuses on the content

If there are too many elements on your webpage, the readers’ attention will be drawn to these elements rather than on what you have to say. The content is key to engaging with the audience and persuading them to become your dental patients.

However, if they are constantly barraged by loud elements on your website, they will most likely miss the message trying to be imparted through the content.

Simple design is accessible to everyone

A large number of internet users might not have a very fast internet speed or very good devices to view your websites from. Some of them are viewing your site through slow internet connection while some are using outdated computers from the 1990s.

When your dental practice’s web design is simple, this connects to the target audience more. It boosts the effectivity of dental practice marketing because the website becomes accessible to everyone, no matter where they are accessing your website from. Minimalistic design is, therefore, the way to go.

Simple design loads faster

Not only are you going to isolate people with slow internet connection when your page cannot load in under two seconds, but you’re also risking your SEO ranking.

Google hates slow-loading websites and when user experience suffers, your SEO will go down with it, too. Typically, people are willing to wait until four seconds for a website to load although they would prefer it if your site can open up in two seconds.