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If you’re not maximizing dental marketing, it should come as no surprise to you that some of your competitors are gaining more traction in terms of attracting the market and making a profit.

A dental practice must use and harness the power of both traditional and modern media to create an empowering campaign that will make your target audience notice the products and services that you offer.

When building a dental marketing campaign, remember the cardinal rule of marketing: prioritize what’s valuable to the buyer and not the marketer (seller). Whatever kind of message you are selling, make sure that it is relevant to the buyer in terms of making their chores easier or presenting solutions to their predicaments.

Use social media

What kind of business does not need social media right now? Every marketing strategy and technique you can think of must involve social media in some way. It is tantamount to failure if you could not think of a way to use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to make your messages more powerful.

Your dental practice must have a presence on all platforms of social media—from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to LinkedIn. Multiple platforms will allow you to target markets that would otherwise be lost to you.

Facebook is frequented by the baby boomers and the millennials. Twitter and Instagram are primarily for millennials and Generation Z. LinkedIn is often used by millennials to build professional relationships across age groups.

Leverage the power of influencers

You might have heard that celebrity endorsements are not a necessity in today’s advertising world. The term influencer was coined to refer to the famous personalities that run social media these days.

These people are considered experts in their respective fields. You can check the current influencers making waves in your local community since these are the people most probably influencing social media users in your area.

Start a blog

Any business that operates a website needs a blog, which must contain relevant information about the kinds of products and services your dental practice is offering. But remember that you don’t always have to be formal in your blog writing.

You can post some trivia about your dental practice and that will still make good dental marketing. Memes, video tutorials, animations, and graphics are some other examples of content that you can post on your blog site.

Re-target Facebook ads

The reason why your Facebook ads are not generating as much attention as you like them to attract is that they are not targeted to the right market. Facebook allows users to set an area that the ads will specifically target.

You can even set the age range of your market so the ads will appear on their newsfeeds. All you need to do here is to maximize the functions of Facebook’s ads to reap the rewards of your dental marketing strategies.