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Is your dental practice experiencing a slump in terms of customer returns and referrals? Are there no new customers lately? Are you finding it hard to connect and engage with your target market? If so, you need a highly specialized dental marketing company that can create sound and effective strategies for your practice.

Oh yes, there’s a dedicated dental marketing company that solely focuses on dental practices to ensure that you get an influx of customers.

But how do you choose a marketing company to work with? What sets Big Smile Marketing apart from its competitors?


How many years have you been in business? If like Big Smile, you have been in business for years, you know how important experience is to a company. Look back at the years when you were just starting in your business.

How do you make decisions and how do you attack every single challenge that comes your way? Different than how you deal with them now, right?

Big Smile has over 37 years of experience working with dental practices. We have the experience to back up our success claims.


How many marketing companies do you know that specialize in dental practices alone? Not many, right? It is important that you’re assured of the expertise of the company you are working with.

There’s no need for big successful marketing companies because they may not understand the target market you are trying to reach. What you need is a marketing company that understands your dental practice and the customers you want to engage with.

Success stories

Look into the dental marketing company you are planning to hire and ask for the portfolio of their previous works. What kind of success stories have they managed to spurn through their past projects?

How are their previous clients faring? Were the campaigns they created effective for the companies? You can tell a lot about the marketing services that a company offers by the level of success that their past projects accomplished.

Client engagement

How is the dental marketing company negotiating with clients? How are they handling your inquiries? You’ll be surprised to know that a lot of clients are turned off by the initial communication they had with marketing companies.

If a phone call cannot be answered or inquiries cannot be responded to immediately, potential clients may think that there’s something off with how the marketing company is dealing with them.