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By far, the most important decision you’ll ever make for your dental websites is not whether or not you need one (because you need it, that’s a given), but what color should it be. Modern color theory will tell you that color has a powerful hold on people. It can create or change perceptions about the dental website. It can also make or break the reputation of the dental practice. Dentists, therefore, are pressured to choose the right color that will attract patients and will make them want to navigate your site. Dentists only have a few seconds to make a good first impression on their patients.

But, what constitutes a perfect color for a website? What are the things that a dentist must consider when choosing the right theme and color for the website? How will this color affect the patient’s perception of the dentist and the practice?


Blue is the number one favorite color of people for so many years. It gives an impression of intelligence and honesty, two things that patients are looking for in a dentist. The color blue is the number one option for many dental and medical websites. People are especially afraid of going to the dentist but if they can trust the dental website, then there is a good possibility that they will make an appointment with you. With your website in shades of blue, people will be at ease and they will know that they can trust you to deliver the best service.


Why should there be any color other than white for dental websites? White gives off the impression of honesty, modernity, and cleanliness. Dentists who choose the color white want to convey the message to the audience that their dental offices are clean and sanitized. It also tells that they have a very open business practice; that they are transparent and can be trusted.


Setting the dental websites on a brown color theme will give a feeling of comfort to the web users. Dental clinics clad in brown furniture and rustic decors feel homey and relaxing. This color is great for dental offices in rural or small towns. It makes patients feel familiar with the place. It still looks professional but never pretentious. It doesn’t have that intimidating vibe that white sometimes has.

If there’s one color you should never use, it’s red. Since people are naturally fearful of dentists, the color red may symbolize pain, which is something you don’t want your patients to think about when checking out the services you offer.