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What does a patient do when they land on the homepage of your dental websites? What do they look for and what is the first thing that they click on? Understanding the journey that your patients take once they land on your website will make you better at fulfilling their demands. If they want to see the appointment for on the homepage, you should make the necessary adjustments to fulfill that demand.


How does your homepage contribute to persuading casual web visitors to sign up for an appointment? First, your homepage needs to be attractive and informative. The web visitor should know what you offer and what he needs to do the moment he arrives on your website. The message should be clear: you want the web visitors to book an appointment with you.


The services page is where you should list down the dental services that you can deliver. But take a moment to explain what each service brings to the table and why these services are important for the dental health of a patient. Many dental websites simply enumerate their services without discussing what these procedures mean. Give your patients proper and relevant information on each dental procedure.

Contact Information

Your Contact Us page is where patients will usually find your address, a map to your clinic, contact numbers, email addresses, and the appointment form. You may want to relocate your appointment form to your homepage because many of your patients might not have an idea of where to find the form. Also, this is better for those with slow internet speed. It allows them to book an appointment the moment they arrived on your website.


Do you have a testimonials page? Or, do you simply incorporate your reviews on your homepage? Make sure you have a separate webpage where you’ll collect all the testimonials about your clinic and yourself as a dentist. Many potential patients look at what others say about you. These reviews are assurances that they are making the right decision to book an appointment with you. There should be a dedicated page for these reviews.


Believe it or not, some patients like reading about dental topics such as how to brush teeth properly, why it’s important to floss your teeth, and why root canal should not be feared. Your words may even have a soothing effect on these people, so make it a point to update your blog page regularly.

When planning the content and layout of your website, think about how your patients are going to navigate it. Imagine yourself in their shoes and design your dental websites accordingly.