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A dental website does a lot of things both for the dentist and the patients. There, patients can book appointments and fill up forms. They can check if the dentist accepts their insurance policies, as well as make payments for consultations and procedures. That’s why the features of one’s website can help improve dental patient marketing. When the website is chock-full of important and valuable features, it will stand as the best marketing platform for your practice.

HIPAA Compliance

The website must be HIPAA compliant. This means that any information transmitted on your website is encrypted and secure. The best way to do it is through an SSL certificate, a security measure that protects the medical information of your patients. This ensures that nothing about your patients’ medical histories and current procedures will be hacked or accessed by non-authorized people.

Pages for Each Service

When patients browse through your website, they want to know what services you are offering. Create a separate page for each service, so it’s easy for them to find the information they need. You may want to use local keywords for SEO advantage, too. Having a separate page for each service is great for SEO because the search engine can lead web visitors to a particular landing page.

Location Pages

If you have different branches, you should create different pages for it. That will make it easier for prospective patients to find where exactly your clinic is located. You can optimize your website for Tampa, for example, but make sure there are separate pages for Orlando and Lakeland, if you have clinics there.


How many dentists do you have in your clinic? Surely, not all of them have the same specialization? Make sure there’s a page dedicated to introducing the dentists to potential patients. The page should have the dentists’ academic backgrounds, accomplishments, services offered, and clinic schedules.


Explanation videos are great because they have the power to satisfy the curiosity of the patients. If they fear certain procedures, the videos can explain that there’s nothing to fear about a root canal. The dentists should be the ones to explain the procedures. That will humanize them in the eyes of their patients.


Online reviews will make patients trust your practice more than anything else can. Patients are always looking for reviews and recommendations. They want to know if people trust your practice and whether you’re worthy to do business with.

These features on your website will help improve dental patient marketing and hopefully, attract more patients to a dental practice.