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The most significant benefit that online dental marketing strategies give us is the fact that all dental practices, whether big or small, have the ability to reach out to the same audiences and obtain the same kind of reach without needing to spend huge amounts of money to make it happen.

Online marketing provides all business practices with the same marketing opportunities. In fact, some people say that free online marketing methods can provide the same reach as paid ones, especially with social media marketing methods.

However, this isn’t always the case, especially for platforms like Facebook. While it is possible to get a decent reach with a free marketing plan, it doesn’t quite return the same results as a paid one. Read on to find out more about the contradiction of free dental marketing on Facebook.

It is now more difficult to obtain a higher reach organically

The thing that you need to understand about Facebook today is the fact that it is now much more difficult to obtain a higher reach through organic methods. Back when Facebook was still relatively young in its ability as a marketing platform, it was certainly quite possible for a post to reach a wide audience organically, but as time passed and more users were using Facebook for marketing, the platform became oversaturated by thousands of posts and content every day.

As a result, Facebook began implementing its paid ads feature, which means if you want your content to be seen by users, then you’re going to have to pay for the ability to do so. Before, it was certainly possible for an interesting post or piece of content to go viral, simply because it was interesting enough to catch users’ attention. Today, however, the chances of your content going viral are very slim now.

What can I do about it?

Now that you know that relying on Facebook as a free advertising platform is difficult, what can you do about it? The thing is, when it comes to your dental marketing, it isn’t a numbers game where you put up a post and hope that as many users possible can see and share it. You have to be much smarter about how you handle your marketing that makes all the difference.

Always remember that you need to understand your target audience and come up with content that they will be interested in. It may take some time, but do some research into the kind of content that your target audience is currently looking into.

Make use of paid ads, but be smart about you. Just because you paid for marketing doesn’t mean it’s going to be an instant success. Increase follower count in order to reach a wider audience that is more valuable than a bunch of random users and create your marketing strategy to appeal to your target audience as much as possible.