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A picture is worth a thousand words. That has never been truer now that people have become more visual than they already are before. No longer are your dental websites visitors contented on reading descriptions, captions, and blog posts. They want to be attracted by the images you use on your website, too.

Photos help develop your brand, raise awareness about your practice, and appeal to your audience in general. Although stock photos are still accepted widely, more and more people are looking for more unique and interesting images on the websites that they visit.

Photos of Smiling Patients

There’s something about smiling patients on dental websites that make us think we’re going to be well taken care of when we visit the clinic. In some cases, we feel that we’re going to have that same great smile when we book an appointment with this particular dentist.

You can ask your patients if you can take a photo of them smiling to show other potential clients what you can do. In exchange, you can offer a free service since this customer has become virtually your ambassador.

Photos of Kids

If kids are happy visiting your clinic, surely other patients will be satisfied as well, right? At the very least, that’s what people might think when they see smiling kids on your dental websites. It might even encourage their children to come and visit your clinic. Their parents will be able to say, “Look at that kid smiling at the dentist.”

Photos of the Clinic’s Exterior

A photo of your clinic’s exterior will help prospective clients find you easily. If you are renting a space inside a building, take a photo of the building, too, so your clients will know when they finally arrived in the right location. You can include that photo in the contact us page of your dental websites.

Photos of the Clinic’s Interior

You also need to show the clinic’s interior, specifically the lobby, waiting area, and the main room where the consultations and procedures are being done. It would help clients feel comfortable visiting your clinic, knowing that it has state-of-the-art equipment and that it’s clean and pristine.

Photos of the Doctors and Staff

Finally, take a photo of yourself and the staff. Make sure it’s a friendly photo or even one showing you doing a procedure on a patient. It would help patients feel relaxed knowing how you look like and how the staff takes care of other patients. It will humanize you and your crew.