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Here’s the funny thing about social media: we are influenced by what we see, hear, and imagine is happening in the lives of the people, celebrities, and influencers we follow. We are constantly seeking validation that we, too, are cool. And only by doing what these social media influencers do can we feel that way. So, when they say that they have just received dental services from a particular practice, we immediately seek the dental websites of that practice and see if we can afford the services and make an appointment if it’s within the budget.

Why do we do this to ourselves? The power of social media is unprecedented. We don’t think even the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram realize just how powerful they are in creating unrealistic goals and images of what life looks like for these celebrities and influencers. Oh no, there is a lot of sprucing up, angling, and finding the right light that makes their photos visually perfect. Everything is staged.

Understanding how this works and what kind of impact these social media influencers have on their followers is one of the key components to harnessing the potentials of having influencers as your practice’s campaigners.

If you think your dental websites are not garnering as much attention as they should, take a look at local social media influencers in the area. They might have something up their sleeves. There is not one person on this planet who will tell you they don’t need dental services. Everyone has a dental problem, one way or another. If you can offer your services for free for someone who has a massive following, you’ll be in a good position to promote your site.

All the influencers have to do is promote your services and put a link to your website on their post. That’s it. That’s all they have to do. And in exchange for those kind words, they can get a dental service for free. As for you, that’s an x-deal. You get a promotion with only your services for exchange. There was no money involved and you get exactly what you need—a boost in website rankings.

You will see the difference in terms of how much traffic your website gets as directed by these influencers’ post. There could also be a sudden increase in interest in setting up appointments with your clinic. And while these could all become overwhelming, it is important to remember that delivering quality service must still be your top priority.