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As a dentist, you usually have a lot of activities scheduled for the day. Going through appointments that patients have set in advance, handling schedules, these are some of the possibly many things dentists, such as yourself, can possibly go through the day. That is why it’s quite understandable that you might have very little time for checking on your website made for your dental practice. Still, having a website for a dental practice should not be taken for granted. After all, this is another way for your practice to obtain more attention and for you to secure more patients. It can be tough getting your website more attention, however, especially if you have difficulties figuring out your dental SEO.

So if you want to learn more on how to optimize your dental practice website, check out the list below:

Google is your friend

One important thing that can help out your dental practice and dental SEO is by putting it in Google My Business. Being one of the most popular search engines, putting your practice onto Google My Business can greatly increase the chances of gaining possible patients and garner more online attention.

By doing this, you’re informing Google that you own your practice. You’re also informing them of your practice’s location, office hours, and what kinds of services you provide.

Make sure it’s mobile

Simply having a website just doesn’t cut it anymore. Make sure your dental practice website is mobile-friendly. This means your website can be accessed and seen easily on a mobile phone.

To be more specific, should your website be accessed on a mobile phone, there’s no need for the viewer to zoom in or for them to navigate around your website by scrolling from side to side. With your website being mobile-friendly, viewers can very easily look at all the text and images in it and experience little to no difficulty.

One direction

It’s not exactly the most unheard-of advice, but it’s highly important for you to provide the right information to your patients. This includes giving them directions on where to go to find your dental practice.

By providing directory websites with your contact information, office hours, and location, you are helping your practice build a local online presence and boosting your dental SEO.

Be careful, though, and just make sure that you’re giving the right information for every single category. That way, no confusion will be caused regarding on which way to go, and no miscommunication will be had between you and your potential patients.