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It is easy to realize that your dental practice needs dental patient marketing strategies. After all, no business can survive without one. What’s hard is identifying what strategies are needed by your dental practice. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to pinpoint one strategy that would take your practice to success. But what’s easy to consider is using a Google AdWords campaign. It is a pay-per-click ad platform that displays your ads when users search for the right keywords.

However, using Google AdWords is no guarantee that your ads will appear when the users search for the keywords you used. You still need to optimize the ads and fill them with as much information as you can. That will persuade web users to click on it. Here are some tips on writing your ad:

Use Local Keywords

Google AdWords works when you use local keywords. This means putting the location of your dental clinic on the keyword. If you are located in Orlando, your keyword should be Orlando dentist or Orlando dental clinic. This will tell Google that your ad is the most relevant based on the location of the web user. Targeting location-based keywords will increase the relevance of your ad placements. Google will more likely come up with your ad if you used a specific location in your keyword.

Optimize Headlines and Descriptions

You will be given a small space to write a description of your website. Make sure to maximize the use of that space. On the headline, use the location-based keyword once. On the description, use the keyword once again or not at all as long as the information there is relevant to the web users. You want your description to be as attractive to the web user as possible. Your goal is to make the web users want to click on your ad because they know they can find relevant information there.

Maximize Additional Links

On the bottom of your ad, you are allowed to put three or four easy links to webpages. Make sure to maximize the links there. The first link should be dedicated to your appointment system page. The potential patients should be led to the booking webpage of your website. There, they should have an easy time scheduling an appointment with you. You can also include some other links such as your contact us page, services, directions, and insurance information.

You should get the hang of running Google AdWords in no time. It’s basically like writing a blog post, though you need to be more precise with how you write the dental patient marketing ad.