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One of the worst things that cause dental practices to be apprehensive about working with a professional dental practice marketing agency is the horror stories that you hear about other dental practices getting burned by the marketing agencies that they’ve worked with. This can take many forms.

For some, they may have ended up working with a dental marketing agency that was less than invested in their marketing strategy, so they spend a lot of money on a marketing strategy that ends up doing nothing for their dental practices.

In even more serious cases, the marketing agency ends up shutting out the dental practice once the contract has been signed and the payments made. It’s stories like these that make dental practices apprehensive about working with a dental practice marketing agency, but you shouldn’t be discouraged. Here are some ways that you can recover from a failed dental marketing strategy and agency the next time you’re looking to hire one.

Start out small

So the memory of your previous failed marketing strategy is still fresh on your mind, but you do recognize the need for a new marketing agency to handle your marketing for you. After all, you do want your dental practice to succeed, and you recognize the importance of hiring a professional to take care of your dental marketing for you.

However, how do you get over what you went through and rebuild your trust in dental marketing companies? A good way to do this is by starting out small. Most dental practice marketing companies take on clients on a long-term basis, for example, they offer contracts on a 12-month basis.

If this is a little long-term for you, you can request for a shorter contract term, which gives you enough wiggle room to try out the marketing company to see if you can trust them, and short enough that you can easily pull out if it isn’t working out for you.

Process your fear and apprehension

A large part of why it may be difficult for previous customers to work with a dental practice marketing company again is the fact that they are simply scared of having to go through that again.

An effective way of dealing with the fear and apprehension is by processing it properly. Instead of focusing on the bad stuff that happened, try to focus on the good parts of working with your marketing company.

Focus on the aspects that were working well for your dental practice, as well as other positive aspects to working with the marketing company as a whole.