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The rise of the digital platform paved the way for many other dental marketing strategies that make it easier for potential patients to book an appointment or inquire about dental services. Click-to-call ads are almost the default marketing formal for mobile search. These ads are the direct result of the emergence of mobile phones and their roles in internet marketing. As more people move to using mobile devices when they search for information on the internet, it makes sense for companies and professionals to use click-to-call ads to target their audience.

But how effective are click-to-call ads? How can you make effective ads that will persuade your patients to get on their phones and call your clinic?

Which Companies Should Use Click-to-call Ads?

Luckily, dental practices can use click-to-call ads because they rely heavily on phone calls from their patients. Patients will call a dental clinic to book an appointment or inquire about products and services. Rarely do dentists discuss your products and services on the website or their blogs or their social media accounts. What they want is for the patient to book an appointment with them and consult with them.

Companies that have big-ticket items such as dental practices, insurance policies, and car distributorships will benefit from click-to-call ads because customers are more likely to want to speak to someone to inquire about the products that they want to avail. These customers or patients are already searching for their products or services online. However, they want to personalize the inquiries so they need to speak with someone from the dental practice.

For example, a patient is looking at your dental website. He found out that your clinic is near his place of work and it’s open about the same time that he gets out of work. But, he wants to know if you are accepting his dental insurance and whether or not you can accommodate his schedule.

How Should We Format Click-to-call Ads?

Click-to-call ads effectively eliminate landing pages. Although some companies preferred to have their ads on the landing pages, many are starting to realize that it’s more effective and efficient to put the ads on Google’s search results page. This eliminates the need for the patients or costumers to visit the landing pages and click the ads from there.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t focus on using the right keyword for your click-to-call ads. Whether these ads are placed on your landing pages or search engine results, they should be optimized properly so they will attract your market. That makes for a good dental marketing strategy using click-to-call ads.