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When it comes to plotting out your dental marketing strategies, there are many channels that you can make use of. With dental marketing, some of the more widely used channels of marketing are blogging and other types of content marketing.

However, if you’re looking to reach out to a wider audience, you should seriously be considering the use of social media for your dental marketing, including Instagram. A lot of health and dental professionals disregard the use of Instagram because it seems as though health posts aren’t the core content focus for this platform.

You should know that plenty of health professionals are using Instagram for their dental marketing strategies, with great success. If this is new to you, here are some ways to create the perfect Instagram post for your dental practice.

Use quality photos

Of course, if you’re going to be using Instagram to market your dental practice, you should always remember to use high-quality photos and media. Avoid using blurry, grainy photos as these are not a good and accurate representation of your dental practice.

Remember that your posts are going to be associated with your practice, so you’re going to want it represented in high-definition. The subject matter of your posts is also something that you should be considering seriously. Choose photos and videos that are bound to be visually stimulating to your target audience.

Written content still matters

While Instagram places an emphasis on the visual content of the posts, you should know that written content still has a place on Instagram in the form of the captions. Avoid making your captions too long, as people tend to skim these and focus more on the visuals.

Your captions should be succinct and straight to the point, as well as contains a call-to-action to help drive conversions. This helps you maximize both the visuals and written content of every Instagram post.

Learn how to use hashtags

If you have keywords in your SEO, Instagram and other forms of social media used in your dental marketing strategies make use of hashtags. It’s important to remember to learn how to use these hashtags properly, as far too many people tend to make up hashtags as they go without learning how these can impact their posts. Learn how to use these properly to drive more audiences to your content.

Don’t forget HIPAA regulations

Like in other forms of your dental marketing strategies, don’t forget to keep HIPAA regulations in mind when creating content for Instagram and other forms of social media. When uploading a post, make sure to review each and every post to make sure that you’re not accidentally giving away confidential patient information in your content.