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Did you think that the relationship between a patient and a dentist ends as soon as a dental procedure was done? If you want to grow your business and you want to boost your reputation as a dentist, you need to keep tabs on your previous and current customers by constantly engaging them and developing a strong patient-dentist relationship. You can do this by using dental patient marketing strategies, which are focused on trying to fulfill the expectations of your patients.

Befriend them on social media

If you don’t have a Facebook profile for your dental practice, it’s about time you build one. Your page should be a “hub” where your patients can go to if they need information about your dental services and products. It should be a supplementary of your website, especially for those who are more akin to checking Facebook than actual websites.

After the patient followed you on social media, ask to follow their profiles, too, or add them as friends. This will keep you up with what’s going on in their lives and it will allow you to understand your clients better.

Keep their updated information

Update and purge your client information every six months. You can do this by calling or texting them to ask about their latest contact details. Those you cannot contact anymore should be removed from your list, especially if the client information is years-old.

Keeping your records clean will save you a lot of money trying to reach people who are not using those email addresses and mobile numbers anymore. Instead, you can use this energy to think of ways how to make more potential clients sign up for your newsletter or book an appointment with you.

Remind them of their dental appointments

One way to make sure that your patients remember you is to reach out to them when it’s time for their regular teeth cleaning or checkup. Your patients will appreciate the effort it takes you to remind them about this important procedure.

They would also be impressed that you remember their upcoming appointments. You should also take this opportunity to confirm if they are going to arrive at their scheduled appointment. This allows you to open up the timeslot for other patients (if they canceled their appointments).

A good relationship between a dentist and a patient will lead to more business opportunities for the dentist and improve your dental patient marketing. Besides, it is the responsibility of every dentist to make sure of the quality of his/her services. Keeping tabs on your patients will update you about their grievances (if there are any). Feedbacks should always be welcome.