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Studies show that email marketing for dental marketing strategies remains to be the most trusted form of communication between a seller (or service provider) and a client. More than 77% of consumers online prefer using email as the primary method of communication with a seller.

And while it is understandable that some may think email marketing is easily trumped by other methods of marketing, 80% of marketers believe that email is the strongest performing media buy, way ahead of search engine marketing and display marketing.

So no, email marketing is not dead and your dental practice can certainly reap the rewards of using this strategy to retain old and loyal customers and to attract new ones to your practice.

The thing about email marketing for dental marketing is that it’s easy to personalize and customers love receiving anything personalized from a seller, even as simple as an email.

There are many pre-programmed templates out there that can fill up the important details to be personalized such as the subject line and the address line before sending the email to your customer.

This way, the clients will feel that they are important to you, the dentist and that you are directly speaking to them. Most of the times, it will feel like the inclusions in the email are directly linked to what they want and expect from your dental practice and that’s all because the email was “personally” addressed to them.

The fact that email has a wider reach is also one reason why your dental marketing should look into using it as one of your strategies. Sure, almost everybody has a social media account these days but there are still a lot of people, the older generation, more specifically, who are resistant to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You cannot use social media, then, as the primary way of communication with your clients. But almost all of your clients will have access to an email address. Why? Because they need it to create an account for their online bank accounts, PayPal, and many others.

And besides, people are usually more generous giving away their email addresses (with the thinking that they can just completely ignore your email, anyway) compared to befriending your dental practice on Facebook or Instagram.

When you ask your clients for their email addresses (because you want to keep in touch with them in the future), they are more inclined to give it away than simply follow your business on Facebook.