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The biggest misconception about the many communication forms we have now is that people no longer care about email. That is totally wrong and unacceptable. Email, in fact, is still one of the most effective methods of dental marketing strategies. Millennials, in particular, are using emails to communicate, whether for personal or professional reasons. Even the younger Generation Z are effective users of emails.

So why then is your dental practice not using email marketing to reach out to your audience? Why are you so focused on social media, almost rejecting the many benefits of email marketing?

When an email is properly addressed and written (and sent at the right time), it does what no social media platform can: it hooks the clients and allows for immediate interaction with your business. By simply providing a link on the email’s body and making sure that the content is attractive enough for the reader to browse through and act on, you are effectively selling your dental practice’s products and services.

Unlike the use of bots on Facebook Messenger, customized and programmed emails rarely feel forced. In fact, when they are personalized just right, a reader may even feel that the email was specially created for him. Personalization is another thing that email marketing offers and other dental marketing strategies cannot.

Can you personalize a post on Facebook? While you can target a specific audience on your Facebook post, you cannot personalize the post to the point of mentioning your client’s name and speaking to him as if the message was written just for him.

Social media posts are often generic in nature (though very effective, too) while an email addressed to potential clients gives that feeling of human interaction and engagement. It’s almost as if the dental practice was speaking directly to the reader. There’s a sense of a casual and friendly relationship when a potential client reads the email.

This feeling of familiarity helps bridge the professional gap that dental practices put between its services and its target audience. And why is that? Dentistry, after all, belongs to the medical field. It is technical. It uses a lot of jargons. Not everyone is comfortable with hearing about oral hygiene and why we might need a root canal.

Establishing an “informal” relationship with your client (the reader or email recipient) eliminates that often confusing and intimidating feeling we get when forced to think about dental services. A personalized email is a great way to establish a friendlier relationship between a dental practice and its clients.