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How aware are your staff about the various dental marketing strategies that you architect for your profession? Are they aware that part of such marketing strategies is to provide great customer service? Are they aware that when they don’t answer the patients’ inquiries, they are pushing them away and they’ll probably never try to come back to your clinic ever again?

When it comes to marketing strategies, it is important that everyone buys in and believes in your campaigns. This means more than just training your staff the right way.

It is creating a consistent routine that will push your staff to work for the betterment of the practice. It is knowing that each time they renegade on their task, they are negatively impacting your marketing strategies.

On Providing Excellent Customer Service

As mentioned above, the inability of your staff to provide excellent customer service will not only affect the impact of your marketing strategies but also your reputation.

Once you get a reputation for bad patient service, you will notice the impact almost immediately on your dental clinic. Your staff needs to learn that great customer service equals to more patients.

On Their Lack of Knowledge About the Campaigns

Are your staff aware of the various campaigns that you have to promote your dental clinic? If they are unaware of the promotions, they will probably draw a blank when a patient mentions it.

Say, for example, someone asks for a coupon that a promotional poster promised for every purchase of an item. If your staff is unaware that such promotion exists, they will not even mention it to the patient.

As a result, the patient will feel as if the staff isn’t making an effort to serve him better. He will feel resentment that he wasn’t able to cash in on the promotion.

On the Disinterest to Offer the Discounts and Promotions

When patients are unaware of the promotions, they wouldn’t ask for them and the staff wouldn’t offer them. However, this negates the point of having a dental marketing strategy in place.

If your staff isn’t going to offer promotions and discounts, these dental marketing strategies would be of no use to your clinic. Make sure that your staff is fully aware of any marketing campaigns that you signed up for.

Listen to what your staff thinks should be done about your dental clinic. They know the business well. Sometimes, they know it better than you. Respect their opinions about the ideas that they come up with.