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There is no denying the fact that without videos, any gains that your dental practice marketing claims to have will mean nothing for your website’s SEO. If you focus on posting blog articles alone, you will alienate a huge block of your target audience.

Society is increasingly becoming dependent on what they see. They want to watch videos more than they have the patience to sit through a whole 500-word article. They want to spend their time watching YouTube rather than read a newspaper or a single page out of an online journal.

If you want your website to prosper, you need to follow this change in society’s behavior. Conforming to your audience’s standards is part of a great marketing strategy. You need to understand that when it comes to dental practice marketing, the key to success lies in the demand and the dictates of your target audience.

So, how can you use video production in your marketing strategy and how to better maximize its benefits?


While you can show how a process is being done using real-life patients, some prospective clients may actually run away from your clinic out of fear. Dental procedures, sad to say, are not the best things to view videos. They look horrid and scary and painful.

What you can do is use animations to explain to your clients how a certain procedure works. It is a less scary tactic you can use to allow people to see what happens during a root canal, oral prophylaxis, and tooth extraction.


Because dental practice is a local business, you need to find community activities to participate in. One of the most effective activities you can be a part of (and the community will love you for it) is to teach young kids how to properly brush their teeth and about good oral hygiene. You can host a seminar or class of some sorts where kids (and sometimes, even adults) of all ages can come and listen to your lecture about oral health and dental care.


If there is one kind of recommendation any prospective client of yours will listen to and believe in, it’s the testimonials from your actual past customers. Can you remember a time you were choosing between two companies and decided to go with the other company because they have five-star reviews?

This also works for dental practices. Unfortunately, there are a lot of strategies out there that can give a website a five-star review and recommendation through questionable and shady practices. Never try to fake your way to a five-star review.