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It is projected that around 2021, the dental industry will be worth $36.8 billion. Since we’re technically two years away, it’s time for dental practices to start thinking about ways to improve their dental marketing strategies. Wanting a piece of that market is not enough. You have to know how to tap that market effectively.

While dentists used to rely on their reputation and word of mouth to get their practice going in the past. That should change now. Your audience is on social media so your presence should not only be in the real world but in the virtual one, too.

Maximize your employees’ reach

Your employees (your staff) are part of the same community that you are trying to market your dental services to.

Since dental marketing is all about relationships, make sure that you maximize the potentials of your employees by making them engage with your customers and letting them post about the practice on their personal accounts. This humanizes what you are offering instead of your market being intimidated by dental products and services.

Be personal

Don’t be too clinical with the content that you post. Instead of a formal tone, why don’t you engage with your clients in an impersonal way; almost like how a friend would talk to them about dental services.

A great way to add a personal touch to your social media content is by posting dramatic before and after photos that will highlight your patients’ stories. You may also post a joke or a meme about dentists once in a while.

Valuable content

While patients go to your clinic because they have teeth problems, they want to see informative posts on your social media accounts that do not simply market dental services to them, but teaches them how to maintain good oral hygiene.

Your posts need not always lead to profit. It can be something informative and valuable to the readers, too. If people find your posts helpful, they will most likely share it to their network.

Ask questions

The most important part about social media dental marketing is audience engagement. A surefire way to get them out of their shells is to ask a question about oral hygiene.

They will surely love to tell and share their stories and hear your opinion about it. Don’t be afraid to be honest and direct to your patients on social media. They know when they are being fooled or when their egos are being stroked.