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Dentists know all-too-well that there is no dearth of patients as people literally need to go to the dentists regularly to take care of their oral health. At least twice every year, patients must seek the dentists for preventive care. But if you notice that the number of patients visiting your clinic is dwindling or that some of your “loyal” customers are not coming back to you, that means you may need to recalibrate your dental marketing strategies and integrate it on social media.

The power of social media is endless and immeasurable. If you want to make sure that your dental clinic is going to attract clients, your dental marketing strategies must align with your social media presence. Here’s how you should do it:

Create A Facebook Page Dedicated To Your Dental Practice

The first mistake that every dental practice makes is not creating a dedicated Facebook page solely for their clinic. If you continue to use your personal account to invite friends and acquaintances to try out your services and products, you are not doing your dental clinic any good. Instead, you’re confusing your market. Are you for real? Facebook Page is free. You don’t have to shell out money. You only need to spend time and energy into creating and updating it. Why won’t you maximize its benefits?

Post Frequently

Posting frequently doesn’t mean you need to update the Facebook page with blog articles every day. That might annoy even your most inquisitive follower. Besides, no one can create that many blog posts about dental practices in a day. Your message will be lost. Posting frequently means regularly—two to three times each week. Never let a week pass by without posting an informative article about your services. Even sharing a link written by another author is fine. Keep your profile page active always.

Converse With Followers

Your followers are going to leave comments on your posts. They are going to ask questions. They are going to complain about your services. You need to continue conversing with your followers so they know that your account is active and that you are willing to address their concerns. You should also respond immediately. Access your profile page through your smartphone and turn on the notifications. Make sure that you can respond as immediately as possible when you receive inquiries and comments. It will do your business good if you can provide the answers that your potential patients seek.