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To be successful, a dental patient marketing strategy must have a killer call-to-action. These are words or buttons that patients can click on to respond and take action. A CTA button intends to lead the patients to more information about the dental practice or a dental promotion. Think about the websites or emails you received from certain companies. They always have a good CTA button because this will trigger a positive response from the target audience.

Some examples of CTAs are inquire now, book an appointment, call right now, read the eBook, start my trial, register now, and get coupons. You have come across most of these phrases in your internet activities. A website that has these CTA wants you to do something about the information you receive from a blog, a photo, a video, or an email.

But why do websites need to use a button for their CTAs? Why can’t they simply link a phrase to their intended actions? Tests showed that using CTA buttons increase conversion rate by as much as 28%. Buttons are a simple, eye-catching, and effective way to improve customer engagement and web conversions.

Use Action Verbs

CTAs want the target market to do something. Do not use vague and boring words such as submit, enter, and click here. These words don’t do much for your target audience. Use action-oriented words such as get, try, and read, and combine them with words referring to your offers.

Make the Buttons and Text Large

Your CTA buttons should be one of the first things that your target market sees when they open your website. The buttons or text should be large enough to read easily, but they should not be overly obnoxious. Users are wary over large and loud letters and buttons. They are often threatened by them. Make sure not to go overboard.

Use Short and Simple Words

You need to keep the copy short and simple so that it’ll fit within the prescribed space on the website. Two to three words are best. Never exceed five words per CTA. Use simple and uncomplicated words, too. There’s nothing worse than having a CTA that nobody can understand.

Use the First Person

Studies show that there is a 90% increase in conversion when the CTA uses the first person. Instead of saying “click to get a free coupon,” say “get my free coupon here.” The more personal your CTAs are in your dental patient marketing, the more effective they will be at sending the intended message.