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Statistics back up Google My Business’ (GMB) case: people rely on their mobile phones and on the internet to find dentists. More than 60% of American adults use their phones when researching about a local business and a whopping 71% confirm the location of the business before they visit it. That all plays well for GMB which can help your dental marketing strategy be better positioned in terms of attracting the volume of the market you are targeting.

Sign Up For GMB

You only need to visit GMB’s homepage to know that this is the easiest platform to sign up for. Google made it such. After clicking on the “Start Now” button, Google will take you to the sign-up page where you will be asked to leave your practice’s name, location, category, and even a link to your website. You will need to verify the information you left on GMB by clicking on the link that Google will send to your email.

Be Consistent

Do not change your practice’s name, contact info, and address on your Facebook profiles. Whatever information you leave on GMB, use that information across all platforms—from your website to your social media. Google will recognize inconsistent information and that will not help with your ranking at all. The same can be said for your social media profiles. Make sure to link your GMB to your website, and not your social media profile or a blog site. Facebook doesn’t do anything for search engine ranking.

Be Accurate

If you can use Google Maps to help clients find your location, then all the better positioned your business will be. Other businesses tend to set their location to include a wider area or region, but Google docks profiles that do this. Do not misrepresent your location.

Add Photos

Use high-quality photos to show prospective patients what your office looks like and how engaging your staff is. Familiarizing one’s self with how the clinic looks like might entice patients to sign up for an appointment. Make sure that the photos are of good quality and they showcase your waiting area, your modern equipment, and the smiles of your staff and satisfied patients (only if they allow it).

Respond to Reviews and Queries

It is encouraging for customers to see that the dental practice is engaging customers on GMB. Leave a response to the reviews, whether good or bad. Answer questions on GMB’s Question and Answer feature which allows prospective clients to ask questions like “what hours are you open” and “how much is teeth extraction going to cost me?”