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In a few days, your dental office will get a visit from a dental marketing company that has been hired to create a marketing strategy that will bring your practice to new heights. Now, you don’t want to specifically impress the marketing company. They need to see your practice’s weaknesses, after all. However, you know that you need to prepare for their visit so they can specifically pinpoint elements of your practice and office that need attention and improvement.

Research the Company’s Background

What kind of dental practices has the company handled in the past? Does it boast of any success story that you are familiar with? Do you know any of its past clients? It is important to familiarize yourself with the marketing company—who they are, what they do exactly, how they manage the projects, and how they respond to challenges thrown at their clients’ feet.

Create an Agenda

What is the agenda of the visit? Is it to get to know you? Is it to see your clinic’s aesthetics? Is it to see first-hand how you handle patients? The visit should fulfill this agenda. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time to prepare for it. Make sure that everything you do during the visit is geared toward the fulfillment of the agenda.

Bring Your Staff

No, this isn’t the time to give your staff the day off. They should be there. They should be ready to meet with the marketing company. They should be ready for the questions. Brief them on the information they can provide. Your staff must be also familiar with the goals and the agenda of the visit. This way, they can help gear the conversation toward the fulfillment of these goals.

Prepare the Meeting Room

It’s one thing to let the marketing team see how inefficient your staff is (and that’s probably the problem), but it’s another not to prepare a room where you can discuss these details. Make sure the meeting room is clean and has ample space for a table and some chairs. If you can provide it, there should be refreshments, too.

Ready Your Documents

The dental marketing company will ask for documents relating to your sales, profit, appointments, site traffic, and many others. Prepare these things so you don’t have to rummage around your office when the representative from the company comes in and asks for it. These documents will help the marketer come up with smart strategies for your dental practice.