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What could be keeping patients from booking an appointment with you on dental websites? Why aren’t they calling you for appointments? Why are you finding it hard to get more patients compared to your competitors? Patients are looking for a convenient way to book an appointment and see their dentists. They don’t want to go through the whole hassle of calling your clinic and speaking with a receptionist. They want the booking process to be fast, easy, and fuss-free.

By now, you should have already realized how important it is to install a scheduling tool on your dental websites. This is one of the first things that your potential patients will look for when they visit your site. After they have decided that they want to consult with you, they’d want to know how to set an appointment. If you only have a call option on your site, some of your potential patients may feel it a bother to dial the number and speak to your secretary.

Ask Important Information

To save time during the scheduled consultation, why don’t the appointment system ask a few important information already? Ask for their names, phone numbers, and concerns. This information will streamline the process of consultation. Once you have an idea of their primary concerns, it’ll be easy to follow them up with questions about that problem.

For insurance claims, it’s also necessary for your dental clinic to have the patient information ready. This makes it easier for you to process the claims.

Offer to Put the Schedule in their Calendar

Once they have scheduled an appointment through the system, offer to put the date and time in their Google calendar. If you can synchronize that particular date and time to your own calendar, it will automatically send a reminder to the patient the day before. This helps them keep their appointments. It also reduces the number of appointment cancellations.

Remind Them

This ties with the second tip. If you can’t synchronize your calendar to theirs, then make sure you send a text or email reminder to your patients at least a day before the schedule. This is also when you should ask them to confirm if they will make it to the appointment. You can accommodate other patients if they will cancel their appointment schedule the day before. Make sure they know that by canceling, they have to wait for the next open timeslot that’ll be posted on your dental websites.