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Having negative comments and feedback on your dental websites can sometimes be discouraging. OK, scratch that. It’s always discouraging to see negative feedback about your dental services. But here’s the thing: you need to look at negative feedback and comments as constructive criticism of your profession.

It is part of being in this industry to be negatively commented upon. Do not take it personally. Rather, use whatever feelings you have about these negative comments to improve your services better.

Answer Immediately

The only way to counter the bad effects of negative feedback is to answer it immediately. If you think you have every reason to act the way you do base on whatever the issue is, then explain it to the one who posted the review. While it is important to hear the comments and suggestions of your patients, it is equally important to be fair to your profession. If you think you are within your rights, there’s no reason not to back up your actions.

Connect In Private

If you have a way of reaching out to your patient in private, send an email or a text message or a phone call to explain your side. When you do this, make sure that you’re calm and reasonable. Do not attempt to change his mind about you.

The only way to connect effectively with your patient is to listen to his or her grievances. It would also help if you can offer a coupon or a discount so that you can make it up to him or her. However, do not always offer discounts because some patients may use this strategy to get free services from you.

Encourage Feedback

Encourage feedback. Yes, even the bad ones. The only way to show your patients that you’re open to criticism and comments is if you will encourage them to leave their opinions on your dental websites, even if they are not exactly going to help you get more patients.

Trust us, your patients will love having the power to air their grievances. You may even find out that more patients are willing to try out your services because they know that someone else will listen if and when there are such grievances they need to air.

So, you see? You don’t have to fear negative feedbacks on your dental websites. What you need is to embrace these comments and improve your services in the future.