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Since people are constantly tuning in on their smartphones, tablets, and laptops, dental practice marketing needs to find ways to reach out to them through the medium of the internet. But engaging with clients is just one step of the journey.

Once you have already built a clientele, you need to make a “virtual home” for them where they could gather, share experiences, and recommend a variety of products and services. While they can do this outside your platform, it is always better to have this virtual home hosted by your business because it will also allow you to build a deeper relationship with your clients.


Old-school forums are still super popular but now, they are filled with video links, graphics, animation, infographics, and many more. People are allowed to customize their avatars and they can share their social media profiles on their pages.

This helps keep the relationships among your clients a bit personal. They are online friends, as they say. Here, they can share their experiences about your dental clinic and they can do recommendations, too.

Once in a while, pop in and converse with your patients. You can answer a lot of dental-related questions which will satisfy their hunger for relevant and accurate information.

Messenger threads

The great thing about Facebook Messenger is you can be there but not actually “be” there. Do you know what we mean? A bot can now be installed on your Messenger to answer some of the most frequently asked questions by a dental client.

A bot works by recognizing certain keywords in the question. They are installed with ready-made answers to these questions. While this is not a “home” in the actual sense of the word, you can also use Facebook Messenger threads as a way to create group chats.

And although you might not always have the time to drop in and say hi to the group, you can make it a point to monitor what they’re sharing and what their suggestions are to make your dental practice marketing better.

Online groups

Online community groups work just like forums. Basically, you form an interest-based group page on Facebook. You can be the administrator and approve only the membership of those who have already been your clients.

Like online forums, this Facebook community can share their interests, comments on others’ posts, and make recommendations to fellow patients. Here, you can be more active by sharing blog posts, videos, and other information about your products and services.